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Value For Money
Kunal Chatterjee on 22nd Jul 2015, 11:43am | Permalink

Presently freelancing with R – Plus news channel in Kolkata.

Address -58, State Bank Park, Kolkata - 700063

Telephone: (M) 09831702357 /(Res.) 033+24976550

Email: chatterjee.kunal@rediffmail.com

Date of Birth: September 03, 1979
Current Location: Kolkata, INDIA

Some of the achievements……..
In Bangalore:
1. Did a sting operation in Bangalore in which a drug racket was busted and several people including women and children were arrested.
2. Broke the story about the final Lokayukta report on the mining scam.
3. Did several exclusive stories on Bangalore blast and church attacks.
In Kolkata:
1. I got pension scheme started for an ailing 70 year old man, working with Food Corporation of India. Just filed an RTI and wrote to the then President of India. He was starving for the last 10 years.

2. Have closely covered the Burdwan blast and gave regular stories, PTCs and News rooms. I broke the NIA and the state and central Government meeting. No channels had the capability. I have the video with me that was originally telecasted first by R-Plus.

3. I single handedly managed the entire security story on Republic Day Parade 2015, this year for Hindustan Times and also got a by-line.

Key Skills:

I have been working not just as a special correspondent, but is giving PTCs and anchoring for several stories regularly.

Reporting, interviewing, page making, editing, communication and management .

Total Years of Experience : 7+ years 

Location Preference : Anywhere in India

Academic Qualification ::

1) Passed Secondary Examination from “South Point High School" Kolkata under West Bengal Board.

2) Passed Higher Secondary Examination from " Ashutosh College " Kolkata under West Bengal Board.

3) Passed B.A. Journalism Degree from “Garden City College of Science and Management Studies “Bangalore under Bangalore University.

Experience ::

Worked with DNA Bangalore, as a senior correspondent for an year before shifting to Kolkata for some personal family reason in 2011.

Worked with The Statesman, Kolkata for two and half years before getting fabulous offers in Electronic media.

I had worked for two months with The New Indian Express, Bangalore as an intern. Did internship from The Vijay Times, now, The Bangalore mirror, Bangalore and worked for more than Eight months.

Worked for more than two years as a correspondent and graduated to senior correspondent with the English news paper, City Plus published by Dainik Jagran in Bangalore.

On the Beat :

Have covered Crime, Court, Transport, Railway, Health, Airport, Security, Political, business, travel and social issues as regular beats besides general assignments. Produced at least five special stories a week, consistently.

Professional Qualification ::

Can make pages in Quark Express. Familiar with all versions of Windows.
Have extensive knowledge about Internet.

srinivas on 6th Feb 2015, 5:05pm | Permalink
as a citizen am very very much worried abt hyd wat will happen to hyd in these 5 yrs .can u people start any type of revelution or hesitation against the thing which r right now happening in hyd like destruction of ravidera bharati etc i think only tv9 can do a favour to the public of hyd try to know the feeling of public like u people straightly come to the public and ask the view yes or know or any idea u may have to stop all these kindly do something needful n helpful to protest these thing n help the public as a huge lump sum of money will get wasted for all these destruction which are not in any way useful for public .as media is the powerful weapon to protest these things.
shivakumar on 19th Sep 2013, 4:19pm | Permalink
please naku help chestara finance problem nenu okatani degara 1lac tisukuna 30thousand pay chesa balance amount kosam kodhiga time adiga kani tanu matram amount istava police valaki chepi roju 2thousand ichi mee inti degara kurchopedta ninnu kottipista anni inka valgar language use chestunadu daniki sambandinchina voice recording naa degara vundi roju phone lo valgar ga matladutundu maa pillalani mee intiki pampi kodata anni bediristunadu nivu police ki chepu evarikaina chepu nenu valaki dabbuliste nine kodataru anni matladaru night 11pm ki intiki vastunaru nenu emceyali chepandi please
srilakshmi on 2nd Jul 2013, 1:01pm | Permalink
your channel work is very nice, i need a help from you , you have to catch the robber placing a secret camera at taranaka bus stop , two girls every day stole the purses and money from people handbags , they wear cloth mask covering their faces one girl is short and one girl is tall wear specks with mask , they maintain a short distance at bus stop short girls gives the idea through phone and the tall girls robs the money and purses , atm cards, credit cards from hand bags of other women slowly, this is a crime kindly help us. they stolen my purse from my hand bag on 18.06.13 in 250 C bus at hmt nagar , they stay at hmt nagar . kindly help me , i kept my pan car, adhaar card, debit card, home key in that purse and Rs. 822 /- in that purse. could u help people, placing a secret camera at tarnaka , hmt,hubsiguda, mettuguda. kindly do the needful and save people from those rob girls gang.
G.srilakshmi on 18th Jul 2013, 10:14am | Permalink
Today that girl who stolen my black valet from my hand bag wored a yellow colour top with green flowers and green legin and her mask color is maroon and dark blue color they stay at hmt nagar opposite to hmt nagar khamman gali you can follow them because they won't get down at bus stop but they get down at that gali only , they follow the people at busstops, atms nearer to bus stops and they trap them and follow them , the last month end of the week they robbed the hand bag from other women who is newly married and a working women while going to cherlapally , the next day i saw her at the bus stop saying that her bag was seized from bus at hmt and she was crying all this is listened while she was saying to an old lady at habsiguda bus stop. now i request you to catch that gang and one old lady two times i saw her[ mother of that girls ] at tarnaka bus stop at sanman hotel searching the people to follow and seize the bags or stole the money and purses from hand bags for that she is helping her daughters to rob . every day they start at 8.30 a.m to 9.00 a.m at hmt bus stop next to hmt khamman and start following the people . now they at landing at patny parede grounds and ganesh temple of parade ground bus stops while going home . the other day i saw them at chilkalguda busstop waiting for the bus those two girls every time cover with mask cloth fully . when they see me in bus they get or run away from me. now i request you to catch these gang and help people and save us. because people at the back seeing everything in the bus while robbing the purses no one is saying nor catching them red handed. instead they are holding their purses and hand bags carefully and seeing the scene. . what is the solution for this . kindly reply to my mail id : gsrilakshmi_7@yahoo.co.in
A.R.K.R on 12th Sep 2012, 1:09pm | Permalink
Dear sir / Mam

Sub : land Issue (Tirupati-Chennai 4 – Lane road )
Na peru A.Ravikumarreddy nenu Engg complete ayyindi epdu ma family problems kosam job maanesi ma village lo unnanu .molagamudi (village), ma amma peru A.rajamma , ma amma garu agriculture chestu batukuthunnam ,ma nana garu 8 acres varaku sampadinchi job alane agriculture chesevaru ,8years back ma nana garu Road accident lo chanipoyaru , appati varaku lands matters,alane ekda evari lands clears ga registration chesukoledu . apdu na age 19 diploma complete ayndi,so a time lo govt. office chuttu tirigi lands pakka ga register chesukoledu ,

Epdu ma amma garu antha ame agriculture chustondi, ma peddana civil Engineer ga job chestunanru A.Yugandhar reddy (APM) Sai sudhir infra ltd. At Salem site, ma chinnana asain paints lo supervisor ga job chestunanru at Renigunta, Eka nenu emo Mechanical Engineer ayyi 3 years ga construction lo work chesanu (Ivrl Ltd) at Madhya Pradesh.

Ma amma garu & chinnana matarame agriculture chusukunevaalu ,ma village tirupathi –chennai highway road pakkane undi alane ma polaalu anni road ki atu etu kalipi 7 acres unnai, ma nana garu chinapoyina nuchi land kosam chala mandi adigaru (ex: 2005 year lo chivi reddy baskar reddy entiki vachi koda adigaru)naaaku emo ma nana estamm na life lo so ma nana garu sudden ga road accident lo chanipoyaru ma nana ekda lands unnayo avi anni jagratha ga kapaadukunnam .
Epdu 4 – lane road extension valla nenu 3 acres poguttukunnanu epdu present evaru ayna vaste 1crore aduguthunnaru, ma village value mo political telisina valu leru alane evariki vaaru individual ga untaru
Ma pakkana village lo emo 25 lacks ,maku 15 lacks (2kms diff. eddari villages) evariki ayna land ki amount estundi ante road ekda varaku sanction ayndo akada varaku oke amount la una santhosham,oka vela city outcuts ante konchem diff. undachu amounts lo , ala kaakunda every village ki okko amount fix cheste govt. ki profit leda company valu kasta amount ayna tindaaniki ela amount fix chesara vala ke teliyali.
Na 3 acres lo (2 problems unnai okati emo 30 cents polam ma anubavam lo undi 155yrs ga ,kaani patta lo pa pakkna village vala name undi adi reason ante ma tatala kaalam lo land ex change chesaru , so ma land emo vala ki vala land memu anbavistunam last 150 yrs gaaa……appati kaalalam lo maata thone chesukune valu ma nana gari kaalam lo koda mana polam ekda poyedhi ani anukunnaru ,epdu ma nana garu leru so valu epdu registration cheyinchandi alane memu meku cheyistam ani adigithe valu 20 lacks demand chestunnaru actucal ga govt. 30 cents ki 9.5 lack vastundi ,ma pakkana village vaalu mo 20 lacks demand soo valu registration cheyaru ,govt. value mo me peru meda anubavam matarame undi kaani patta ledu so meeku amount evvlem anesaru, 2 yrs ga tiruguthuna land settle ment kosam mro office alane rdo office kaani evaru chudu request letter petti vellu chudham anestunanru kani aaha letter progress antu emi ledu
(actual ga ma nana garu chanipothe a lands anni ma ama meeda vachai a time lo anni lands pass book ekkinchandi antu tiriganu rayaaledu , epdu emo 8yrs ayyaka malli start chesamu road extension valla ma land poyndi alane amount evvtam ledu 3 months ga ma peddana tirigi tirigi alichipoyi malli tana job continue chestunnadu ,tanu try chesadu ga a letters pattukuni nenu tirigaanu mro & rdo office ani andaru officers okkati matadu adi pedha taraha 2ndhi mataadaku china taraha antu cheppevalu)

So 1935 lo na land register ma tataih pakka ga resgistration vala daggara nuchi pakka ga chesukunnaru ani 1wk back a documents dorikaai,so a 30cents kosam na original documents photo copy chesi mro office lo submit chesanu ,epdu ayna amount pass cheyyandi naaaku etu polam poyndi amount raaka amma baadapadutondi .

(2nd problem chepaddam marichipoyanu ede epdu maaaku chaala mind upset ga family antha badapaduthnam ma village molagamudi a village emo high way pakkane undi kobbari chetlu 50 unnai alane sheds 2 unnai ,alane bores 6 koda unnai with in 40 meters lo evariki valu shed alane bores unnai
Oka bore ki Rs: 40000 ala echaru Small shed ayte Rs: 15000-20000echaru survey chesina valu ma village lo 12 mandi varaku road pakkne lands unai epdu ee 12 mandi ki survey chesinapudu 4 ri ki land amount ekva raasaru ,example ki ma shed,bore well-2,open well & with bore,10 coconet trees,1 panasa etc
Ma land cost 1.45 lack echaru ade ma land ki with in 15 mtrs vala ki oka bore well ,pump room , open well ki 2.51 lack raasaru.
(naaku 2 bore well unte 33000 raasi unte na pakkna vala ki 57000 ala raasaru ala enduku raasaru ani mro & rdo office adigithe court ki vellandi antu govt. vaalu escape avuthunnaru)

Nenu pipe line work lo work chesanu gaani land antha clear ayte gaani vala land lo m/c s .labours pamparu ade,ekda ma village daggara chestuna (Transroy(I)Ltd)company valu land clear kaakundaane land lo road vesestunnaru alne (rdo office staff edo echindi tesuko leda ne amount collector office daggara echestam land pothundi amount kosam akda ekda tiruguthavu antu cheppi agriculture nammukuna valani maatalu cheppi check echi sign chesukunnaka ,manam Edina adigithe land matter lo check tesukunavu ga eka na office ravadhu velithe court antu unnaru ( rdo staff : Najir)
Transroy (i)ltd contract- company valu high way road meda tesukuna safety antu ledu alane 24 hrs work chestunnaru ma lands echina amounts lo oka bore miss ayndi ante request letter rdo office ki pettuko epdu vastundoo apdu tesukovaali ,maaku maataram collector garu clearance letter echaru so maku clear land una lekunna road vesukuntu veltham echina amount tesuko leda a amount saripodu annavu ante check rdo office lo deposit chestamm apdu nve velli tesukuntaavu antunnaru.

Meeku cheppdam emi ante ma villages lo 12 ki mandi gaanu 3riki matarame high amount echaru remaining valaki enduku ala echaru (mohan reddy,v.ramaiah,a.venkatamuni reddy)
Evaru ayna oka shed construct chesi adi compare ante technical way(land,sand,cement,labour,etc) leda andariki equal amount fix chestaru.
Na shed ki emo Rs: 41000 echi almost same size tho una A.venkatamuni reddy vala ki shed 100000 above echaru, alane na bore ki 33000 este tanaki emo 70000 ala echaru ( with in 15 mtrs lo naa land emo dry land anta tanadi emo granite land anta)
Epdu nenu nastapoyanu ani evi antha cheppadam oka way anukondi, naake 1.5 lack diff. undi ade ma pakkana annaya vala ki (a.Sidhamunireddy open well chaala pedhadhi 40000 echaru ade tanaki 115000 echaru)
Epdu chestuna tirupathi-chennai highway meda oka village lo 12 mandiki gaanu 3 ru satisfy ayyaru megilina valu emi cheyyaleka vachina amount thone satisfy leka daily baadapaduthunnam)
Ma village lo 12 mandiki lands poyayi gaa , 60pages tho amount evariki ela echam ani vale echaru ,nenu 3yrs project complet ayaka epdu value china 60 pages list chuste
(Oka land vaariki suppose make anukondi borewells-2,open well-1,coconet trees-10,panasa-1 ,Rcc shed-1 ani raasaru ade amount individual ga calculate daggara vaste shed ane name ledu (10000 lack cost unde shed name ledu gani panasa 500 rs ani indicate chesaru)

Ede ma land items lo open well & with bore undi a item marichipoyamu alane shed name koda indicate cheyadam kooda marichipoyamu malli re-survey kosam meru vachi rdo office lo request letter evvandi annaru.

Village lo una valu agriculture cheyamante chestaru day & ngt kastapadi ade daily mro & rdo office antu request letters pattukuni tiragadam kastam, nenu chaduvu kuna ani turughutanu 1lack vachina oka year 5 acres lo kastapadithe gani raadu so 5months tirugudham ani fix ayi tiruguthunte ,request letter estu unte avi dust bin daggra veluthunnaya,leda file lo okari table nuchi enko table veluthu unnaya ,leda edo village valu kada request letter estaru le ani idle ga oke choste pettestunnaru,
1st time na request letter echanu na polam daggra pipe line pothu undi ,pipes tesuko mantaara leda meru tagina amount evandi ma pipes damage ayyayai. Apdu srikalahastri division nuchi (ee sir alane china reddy colonylone r.w.s. ae sir srihari garu sign chesaru meeku 45000rs vastundii memu rdo office ki forward chestunnam enko 2weeks lo vastundi ani ae cheparu 10months ayndi gaani amount raledu gani (rws dept.govt staff ae & ee sir valu amount vastundi ante Rdo valu Najir sir meku amount raadu land este land loni pipes anni make sontham daniki amount evvavam annaru.
r.w.s.dept. lo ae &ee govt ap. Sign cheste rdo office raadu ante madhyalo agriculture chesukune anthanu evari maata vinaali ,okaru vastundi antu tippukunnaru 4months gaa rdo office ki papers pampinchamm antu r.w.s.dept ae cheparu rdo office vale final chesatru akada velli tirugu ani akda 2months tirigithe me amount raadu pipes damage raadu annaru, so nenu tirigina 6months time waste alane na land govt.tesukunte a land lone loni under ground pipes estunnattu ani najir annaru.
Ekda ayna road extension ante land estaru gaani land loni pipes ,bores,trees etc free ani oka rdo officer ante eka agriculture chesukune vadiki meeru emi help chesinattu govt. nuchi.
R.D.O. Dept. Oka govt employee client (trantroy ltd) tho maatadi amount evvalisina vale daggra undi clint valaki help chestu polem meda nammukunavvala ki evaru aadukuntaru alane evaru maata nammalo mere cheppali.

Okka village lone 12 mandiki land settelements lo 3 happy migilina 9ru baadapaduthunte ,(Technical way lone okka item antu survey lo miss ayte clint vadu vadi work chestunnadu govt. vadu koda clint thone support chydam ,madylo chaduvu raani vadu polam namukunna vadini bakara la atu etu kaalu arigiela 6 months (1 -2 yrs)tippukunnaru.
Tranroy(i) Ltd, company staff entiki vachi police ni pampinchi mari road work jarigela chustnnaru gani okka polane nammukuna vadu a money raaka ,alane epdu una land rate tho eka life lo koanledu alane polam meda una telivi polame poyaka tanu emi chyagaladu,cheste polam leda tini padukovadam,meeru edo road ki polam pothondi amount ekva estunnam anuko vachu,money annaka entha echina polam chesevadau karchupettestadu,ade polam poye vadiki polam echi entho kasta money este vadu polam lo pandistaadu gaani ,polam chese vadiki money echi business chey land etu road ki poyndi eka nvu emi chestavu polam,anela chestunnaru
Neenu & naa family hutch kukka la govt. offices ( tdo & rws alane clint office ) tirugthu unamu chevariki vale gelicharu ,naku amount evvakundane road vesaru na land lo,
Transroy ltd . lo (consultncy dept. Pillaiah(rtd.mro office) Subba rao (Agm)
(site incharge Eshwar ,alane staff, sheshadhri,prabakar,giri)
(giri ane supervisor entiki vachi aada valtho estamm vachela maatadadu sign pettaru ga me land kaali chyandi antu 4 rilo annadu)
So nenu road lo velli vaala work stop chesi warning echanu,ayna elanti cmpny staff Edina proper way lekunda ela matadutharu ala vala vala work cheste ela road vestuna time lo oka land clear unte chyenadi leda vala staff ki cheppali ,kani transsroy company valu labours ekva labehave chestunnaru.
Epdu cheppina matters antha last 2 yrs jariginadi,,,,kaani 11.9.12 roju na naku raavalisina amount raaka alane na request letter action emi leka ,nenu engr. Ayyi na problem solve cheyalapoyano leda enkaa clint & govt. antu nammukovadamo telidu gaani 4-lane road vesukunnaru.
3 acres pogattukuna (3 acres-3crores unte & ade govt. 3 acres-25lacks echindi)
25lacks ayna vastundi ante nannu & na family ni edipistu (12 lacks govt. hold lone undi)
Aaaha 12 lacks na chetiki vastundi ani namakam ledu alane na polam poyndi,polam echina vadu emo 20lacks aduguthadu,a polaniki emo 9.5 lack vastundi.
r.d.o officer (I.A.S ) tho requset letter echi vachanu na lands lo bore & alane amount takuva echaru ani
ayna forward chestanu ani papmaru,
enthalo ( subbarao – najir)site lo work cheyinchukunnaru, oka r.d.o officer (IAS Officer)sign koda value ledu ante ,eka ap govt. lo evarini namadam kastamm ,so
naa baada ante kasta anukovachu 50-50 land migilndi,na pakana annaya ki 2lacks una open well & with bore ni list lone lekunda chesaru ( valu oke mata okka sari echaru eka evvaru manalini kaavalane tippistaru antu salaha echaru)
mere chepandi evaro oka survey team vachi andari land valani pilichi estimate vesi unte ok,, evado vadiki vade survey raasukuni ,check anagaaane polam chesukune valu ventane sign chesaru,
entha mataram oka polam chesevadu ani 10000 unde shed ni koda 40000 raaste adi ela saripothundii,tapu emo survey team dhi, epdu land value mo court office chustu tiragadam ante enko 6 yrs paduthundi,,
(epdu nenu cheppi salaha epdu ekda ayna road lane,pipe line work lo evariki antha land pothundo antha amount echevaraku athani polam lo adugu pettadhu)
Evaro collector letter echaru so nenu road vesestanu,,me baadalu court ki velli cheppu ante land poyina vadu life long edo pogattukuna ani badapadathadu,ade chaduvukunavadu enni ayna chepthadu,velli polam lo pani cheste telustundii life lo land value teliyani vaalaki power evvakodadhu alane ,polani nammukunavadini labour la chudatam ,office lo unnavadu collector la vadu cheppinde vinali anela pravarthichdam bagaoledu.

(epdu nenu engg. Ayi 3yrs ayndi exp. Vachindi,so eka local lone job chedham ani fix ayanu,alane naku etu anukunadhi jaragaledu so epdu,,naku evarithe (leg echaro(
pillaiah,subbarao,project manager,project director-transsroy ltd. Staff))
r.d.o staff (Najir)
s.i(mallesh yadav –gajulamanyam)
v.e.o ( nagaraju & brahmaiah)m.r.o office –renigunta

case pedutham anuknte ma frnds 6 r 8 yrs ayna tiruguthavu,nenu with in 3months lo abroad lo job searching lo una court antu undhu annaru ma frnds & family ,alane naku evarithe aadukunnaro valu ekada e time lo una case kosam ayna tirughutharu, life lo evrini ela help cheyalo adukovalo ,govt entha power este danini proper ga vaduthunnaro chudali.

Cc : pamputhanu( . tv-9,Gemini news,sakshi,ntv, vp etc)
Evaru ayna e incident meda study cheste oka village thone mro & rdo & transroy (i) ltd consultancy valu govt. fund ni proper ga evvakunda govt.staff tintunnaru ani meke telustundi.
Okka village thone lacks vastunai. Clint company ki alane ,clint –govt mix ayi baga tinestunnaru,tinavalisina vadu emo madhyalo undi ela tinestunnaru ani chudalsi vastondii

E message nachitereplay evvandi, alane e incident deep ga study cheste govt,money,,,evvaru tinaru,tine vadu right person daggara velle la chudandi,,
E message nachaka pothe koda me salaha evandi,
Na target okkate nenu etu land & money anni miss ayanu , na lanti valu antha mandi unnaro alane govt.money evero tinestunnaru valani pattinchandi.
Final ga okka mata cheputhuna okka polam nammukunna vadu okka sari money tesukuni enko sari malli naku ade polaniki money kattivandi antu govt. office chuttu tiragaru ,,alane govt staff.. polam vala ki sahayam cheyakundaa clint office ki support cheyadam antha varako meeke teliyali.
Gambler on 4th Sep 2012, 12:06pm | Permalink
Oh hi tv 9 is for I mean many news channels is there na y we shld c tv 9 is there special news ha ha ha
ivan on 21st Aug 2012, 8:43pm | Permalink
i need a to complaint againt syndicate bank i loosed my money from atm but bank is not redponcing
D.ANJAIAH MEO JHARASANGAM DIST on 7th Aug 2012, 3:57am | Permalink
Jharasangam Mandal dist Medak is child labor free mandal we going to submit report to dist collector with in 2 days
sheshukumar on 28th May 2012, 12:14am | Permalink
please don't waste people's time and money..please don't unnecessarily create the hipe on unncessary things..you guys don't have the journalism ethics..you don't have right to run the channel and v shows..i never seen a public roblem highlited by you guys
srinivas on 27th Mar 2009, 4:55pm | Permalink
its came from the peoples herats which expose real facts
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